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About Us

Established in 2019, The Dennis Parham Project began after the loss of my son, Dennis, to senseless gun violence. That ordeal left our family in severe grief and our children with no outlet to properly channel their emotions. I believe children need a place to safely express and explore their grief.


Our Mission:  Children Healing by Expression is a safe, trusting and fun space where each child is encouraged, through multiple pathways of creative expression, to ease the underlying and hidden pain associated with the sudden loss of their loved one.


Our events are family gatherings. All participate with their children in a variety of art projects where we honor our loved ones, share stories, cultivate hope, bond through mutual loss, build peaceful neighborhoods and help children and families develop a powerful community of healing support. Each art project serves as a lasting connection to other's stories and personal memories.    

Beverly Parham           
Executive Director, Founder


Stella Stewart-Davis     


Karen Welling               


Laurie Markoff, Ph.D.     
Director of Development 


Katharine Thomas            

Terri Bogage             
Programs Director

James F. Kraus              Web & Marketing

Thanks for joining us!

In Loving
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