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About Us

The Dennis Parham Project emerged (est. 2019) from the devastating loss of our Founder’s son, Dennis, to gun violence in 2017. The Parham family turned their grief into a beacon of hope, creating a safe space for children to navigate their grief through artistic expression. Here, children find solace and empowerment as they use creativity to explore their emotions. The project is a testament to the transformative power of love and community, reminding us that even in the face of profound loss, healing, and grace can be found through creativity and resilience.

In a comforting embrace of creative expression, Children Healing by Expression soothes children's hidden pain after sudden loss through all forms of creative expression.

Our events create a warm and inclusive environment, akin to cherished family gatherings. Families come together, participating alongside their children in a range of art projects that serve as tributes to our loved ones. We share stories, fostering hope and forging deeper connections through our shared experiences of loss. These gatherings not only build peaceful neighborhoods but also foster a powerful community of healing support for children and families. Each art project becomes a lasting link, connecting us to the narratives and personal memories of others, and strengthening the bonds we share.

Beverly Parham           
Executive Director, Founder


Stella Stewart-Davis     


Karen Welling               


Laurie Markoff, Ph.D.     
Director of Development 


Katharine Thomas            

Terri Bogage             
Programs Director

James F. Kraus              Web & Marketing

Our Values

Compassion and Empathy
 Understanding and acknowledging the unique pain of each child who has experienced sudden loss.

Inclusivity and Community
 Providing a safe space for children regardless of their background, beliefs, or how they express their grief.

Empowerment and Creativity
Encouraging children to explore their emotions and find their voice through various artistic mediums.

Respect and Individuality
 Valuing each child's unique journey and recognizing their individual needs and healing pace.

Safety and Trust
Creating a secure environment where children feel comfortable opening up and expressing themselves without fear of judgment.

Thanks for joining us!

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